HR in the Organization

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Objective: Examine the relationship between top managers and departmental managers in strategic planning. Support your answer with examples.

Introduction: One of the biggest challenges faced by human resource managers is ensuring that they provide services consistent with the organization’s strategic planning. During strategic planning process, the questions about our organizational goals, resources and capacity are examined and critical to the decisions made by HR managers. Success often is determined by close alignment of organizational mission and the alignment of efficient HR decisions and the development and utilization of HR capacities. . The HR strategy must support the organization across all levels and provide consistent and ongoing efforts to maintain the organization’s productivity, performance goals and support in the design and execution of the company wide strategic plan.


Write a 3-page paper that addresses one of following questions:
Often size is highly relevant to organizational strategy and structure. Discuss and provide examples about how strategic planning might differ in a large and small organization.
Identify key influencing factors that impact management and the strategic planning process in an organization. How are HR processes impacted and how might they support/strengthen the overarching strategic planning processes of an organization.
Investigate how organization structure affect the strategic planning in an organization. Discuss some of the challenges that HR managers may have and how they might successfully capitalize to overcome resource constraints.
Activity Details
Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Review the lesson materials and any additional source to prepare you in

Step 2: Write your proposal to include addressing one of the questions above.

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