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Define, explain, and give examples of the following using the language of social psychology

(S.P.) used in the text. When one of these ideas is credited to a specific name or names, be

certain to give the names.


I. Define these concepts in Constructing Inequalities:

a. Social stratification

b. Othering

c. Doing gender

d. Borderwork

e. Doing difference

f. Intersectionality

II. Define these concepts in the Structure of Inequality:

a. Social class

b. Social mobility

c. Social capital

d. Strong ties

e. Weak ties

f. Personal ties

g. Feedback loop

h. Closeness of supervision

i. Routinization

j. Substantive complexity

k. Intellectual flexibility

l. Self-directed orientation

III. Define these concepts in the Stratification Processes in Groups:

a. Social exchange theory

b. Direct exchanges

c. Indirect or generalized exchanges

d. Status characteristics theory

e. Status hierarchies

f. Diffuse status characteristics

g. Specific status characteristics

After reading the lecture “STRATIFICATION – A NEW MAJOR DIVIDE,” you found out one

way some are trying to bring people closer together in this time when we seem to be pulling

further and further apart. For this Self-Application, come up with your own solution, explain

how it would work, and tell what you thing would be accomplished by it.

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