How to Invest at a Good Price

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read the following chapters from the Charlie Tian book Invest like a
Guru, and write a ONE-page summary of key points (post the summary here
in attachment and also bring to class for discussion). While reading,
try to get the key ideas of each chapter using the guide below without
being bogged down into details. Don’t forget to exercise critical
thinking and build upon/adapt the ideas in the book to formulate a
framework/approach that is best fit to our own circumstances and
characteristics. You may need to refresh some key financial concepts on
your own if rusty.

This summary should include:

  • key lessons to take away (in bullet points)
  • Use the DCF calculator on and calculate the intrinsic
    value of a fast growth public company you are interested in, modifying
    the parameters such as growth rate for next 10 years, terminal growth
    rate, and discount rate using your own assessment based on past trend
    (you can use Mergent Online from Library databases to check out growth
    trend of past 5, 10, 15 years) and your judgment of the potential of its
    business model, e.g. market potential, current saturation, stage in the
    product life cycle (use what you learned in the Strategy class to
    understand the company’s business model and competitive advantage)

Here are the chapters to read and the guide on what to focus on:

Ch3 Buy Only Good Companies

  • What is a good company
  • Why is it easier to invest in good companies?

Ch5 Buy Good Companies at Fair Prices

  • Understand DCF as the ultimate theory in valuing a company and the
    rationale and key assumptions behind it – not necessarily all the math
    because you can use a DCF calculator e.g. on
  • Understand the key concept of margin of safety and how to calculate it
  • Use Fair P/E ratio as a rough rule of thumb in valuation

Ch9 How to Evaluate Companies

  • Understand PE, PEG, and earnings yield as key valuation tools, and can skim through the others

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