How to Deal Police Misconduct?

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Victimization is, unfortunately, a boundary crossed on rare occasions within
law enforcement. The justice system, as it protects, also victimizes at times.
As Meadows indicates, abuses are relatively infrequent; however, when they
occur, they invite scrutiny. To prepare for this week’s graded activities,
please review the study guide for this week. It will give you a brief summation
of the material for this lesson. This is not a comprehensive list of the
information, so you will still need to read the textbook.

For this week’s individual work, please respond to the following prompts:

  • What are at least three examples of police misconduct?
  • What mechanisms are in place to deal with such instances?

This individual work should include the following:

  • An in-depth submission that should be free of spelling and grammar errors
    and is 1-2 pages in length.
  • You will be assessed on the rationale you use in addressing the
    questions/issue posted, and how well you justify your argument regarding this
  • Your response must be thought- provoking, have well-developed ideas, and
    should reference (per APA) any supporting material from the text, lecture, or
    other sources you have used to complete the assignment.
  • Please remember that your individual work should be paraphrased.
    This means you must write the paper in your own words.You must not
    simply find an article and cut and paste it and submit it as your assignment.
  • In addition, you should use scholarly resources to support your claims.
    Quotations are acceptable, but should be used sparingly. At least 85% of your
    paper should be written in your own words. Citing your work and giving authors
    appropriate credit is very important.If an idea is not your own, you must cite
    your work – this includes paraphrasing.(Please refer to the school’s plagiarism
    policy for more information). All citations and references need to be in
    APA format.

Writing Tip: If you have a scholarly resource listed in your
references, cite that resource somewhere in the body of the paper. If you have a
citation in the body of the paper, then it must also be listed in your

Unacceptable Resources:
The following resources
should not be used in your academic careers.These sources allow any user to add
or change information, which means they are not credible or
scholarly. Typically, you should avoid using websites that end in .com. Instead,
you should be using websites that are .org or .edu.This is not an extensive
list, but these are the most common sites used:

  • Wikipedia
  • Similar sites should not be used.

For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA
Style section of the syllabus.

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