How did the British justify their empire to themselves?, history homework help

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Read the following excerpt:

This is the reason why Rustum Beg,
Rajah of Kolazai [prince of a native kingdom in India],
Drinketh the “simpkin” [champagne] and brandy peg,
Maketh the money to fly,
Vexeth a Government [the British government of India], tender and kind,
Also – but this is a detail – blind.

RUSTUM BEG of Kolazai – slightly backward Native State –
Lusted for a C.S.I. [a government prize, like the Congressional Medal of Honor] – so began to sanitate.
Built a Gaol [jail] and Hospital – nearly built a City drain –
Till his faithful subjects all thought their ruler was insane.

Strange departures made he then – yea, Departments stranger still:
Half a dozen Englishmen helped the Rajah with a will,
Talked of noble aims and high, hinted of a future fine
For the State of Kolazai, on a strictly Western line.

Then answer the following question IN A 100 WORD ESSAY:

How did the British justify their empire to themselves?

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