How can volunteer experience help develop leadership skills?

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Volunteering is a great way in developing oneself as a future leader. The core principle of volunteering is giving and being compassionate. You help people and groups to surpass different challenges and we can use what we have learned and extend that mindset and feeling and apply them in everything else that we do whether its professionally, spiritually, or personally.

In 1,000-1,250 words, discuss how volunteering and serving the community by helping youth leaders provide food (food drives) and donating clothes to the homeless enables one to practice the principles of servant leadership. Include the following in the paper:

  1. Which of Robert Greenleaf’s principles of servant leadership can you implement and learn the most about through volunteering to feed the homeless? Provide specific examples in your discussion.
  2. Both Robert Greenleaf and Biblical passages focus on the idea that power comes from giving it away and that taking the role of a servant can make one a leader. Discuss how volunteering can help someone find themselves as a leader in this way. Provide supporting examples.
  3. From feeding and clothing the homeless, think of examples to discuss the idea that serving others as a leader might influence change or produce a positive impact for the greater good.
  4. What can one learn from volunteering (spiritually, professionally, personally?) What kind of character building/leadership skills can be learned through volunteer experience? And how can you use what was learned and apply them to your personal life and workplace?

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