How can the “looking glass self’ be influenced by agents of socialization?

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Week 4 – Assignment


Read the
following essay, written by Antonio, a fourth-grade student.

Bully in the Mirror

Antonio, 4th Grade

Mirror Mirror on the wall why must I be

Bully that has to fall. I beat on kids
around the school

The mirror told me it wasn’t cool. The
mirror told me to change.

My ways I have beat up kids all by days.
I have no friends.

It’s just not right. The mirror said
cause you like to fight.

I am a bully how could this be. The
mirror is starting to

Change me. Reflections are now flashing
back to me.

Someone plant the seed inside of me. Now
the mirror has

shown me poor. I’ll change my ways and

new days the bully is no more part of me.
Any bully can change

Imagine that
you are Antonio’s teacher. Antonio obviously wants to make a change. As a
fourth grader, it is almost impossible to do this alone. Therefore, he has
handed this writing piece to you, his teacher. Understanding that this
transformation involves far more than you and Antonio, you will devise a plan
to help him change his history and be a good person.

First, read the Kenny (2007) article and discuss how Antonio’s “looking glass
self” has been influenced by the agents of socialization. Be sure to explain
how this looking glass self is related to his “answerability” and what role
that has in his desire to change his behavior.

Next, devise a game plan for Antonio’s change:

a.Share one lesson or activity that can be completed with
the whole class. The lesson or activity should focus on the importance of
awareness and bully prevention. Describe the lesson or activity and how it will
benefit the class as a whole.

b.List one idea showing how the class can support Antonio’s
change. Explain how you would help your students support their former

c.List one strategy that you can help Antonio implement in
order for him to stay on the right path (e.g., literature, a check list, or a
change in routine).

d.Provide one suggestion you would share with Antonio’s
parents, so that this change in behavior is a true partnership between you (the
teacher), the child, and the parents.

Use the information from your text and the Pacer’s National
Bullying Prevention Center (Links to
an external site.)Links to an external
website to create your plan. You must include two
scholarly sources in addition to the two given.


a.Must be three to four double-spaced pages in length, not
including title and reference pages.

b.Must include at least two scholarly sources in addition
to the text and required sources.

c.Must be formatted according to APA style

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