history term paper

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The paper for this course will not be graded so much
for style as for content. I want you to pick a subject you have an interest in
learning about. I would suggest that you choice a person of importance because
it is usually easier to study a subject that has a human face to it. The paper
should have a cover page that lists your course and sources; the Title page
comes next followed by the main paper. I expect it to be about five
pages more or less. Please double space and use no larger than 14-pt type.

I do not have a particular form or style for you to follow for sources and
you can paraphrase without footnotes or headers. As I mentioned earlier I am
interested in content not in grammar. The paper should be sent as a
Microsoft word attachment. Write me to discuss your choice of
topic before you start to work. (INSTRUCTIONS AND FORMAT/EXAMPLE OF HOW IT SHOULD)! TOPIC:Frederick Douglass


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