History of LA short essay- 750 – 1000 words

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Need to read Sanchez, Becoming Mexican American, Chapters 10 & 11 and Davis, City of Quartz, Chapter 2. I will provide you with pdfs of all reading necessary to write this essay. You can also contact me at anytime with questions or concerns.

“In this short paper, I would like you to try to synthesize the narratives in these two books. In particular, I would like you to address this constellation of questions, in whatever way you see fit: What were the prospects for Mexican Americans’ bids to forge cultural and political identities that would be recognized beyond their own communities in mid-twentieth century Los Angeles? To what extent did the power structure provide opportunities for them to gain a permanent foothold in the cultural and political life of the city as a whole? Alternatively, to what extent did the power structure close off routes to those goals? To some degree, your argument will be speculative, since our sources do not address this topic directly and I am not asking you to do additional research. Rather than a narration of events, however, what I am interested in is your analysis of the cultural and political dynamics of Los Angeles from the 1930s to the 1960s or so.”


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