History 108 Essay week 14

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Read the attached to this week 14 “My Lai Massacre.pdf and .doc ” files and respond to the following questions:

Essay Topic for week 14: How do you explain what happened at My Lai? What can be done to prevent such tragedies from happening again? What does My Lai teach us about the nature of evil? Was Calley evil, or was he a more-or-less “normal person in abnormal circumstances”? Would Calley have acted differently had he received more training in the rules of warfare? If Calley had been ordered to “waste” civilians, was he obligated to disobey such an order because it was clearly illegal? Were there any heroes at My Lai? What makes a hero able to act heroically? How can we make more people likely to act heroically? What is the lasting significance of My Lai? Did it substantially change public attitudes toward the Viet Nam War? Has it changed how we prepare our soldiers for war?

The format for this and rest of discussions:

Essay narrative comprised of at least five paragraphs: an introduction (containing your strong arguments), three paragraphs or more (detailed analysis of your arguments with examples, in-depth coverage, and research), and conclusion. MLA is a must. Essays not formatted in MLA style will be marked down automatically 10 points; grammar, style, and lack of proofreading (spell check) will mark essays further 15 points; poor execution, brevity, and lack of evidence in your findings/arguments may fail your attempt in this exercise. If you short cite your sources in the text (e.g. (Smith 89)) please provide works cited full citation list beneath your essay. Post by 11:59 pm on Saturday. Once your essay is written, MLA (APA or Chicago) formatted and checked for errors please upload it. This will be done weekly. Late emailed work will not be accepted for grading. Make sure to upload your essay ahead of the deadline in order to remedy any last-minute mishaps.


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