Historical Origins of Christianity, Religion Research Paper help

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Religion Research Paper

  • 100 points
  • Due Monday July 3 (printed copy turned in during class)
  • Length: 3-4 pages
  • Your essay must quote from the holy text of your religion (Torah, Bible, Quran)
  • Your essay must quote from two secondary sources from the library, Google Scholar, or one of NOVA’s databases
  • Your essay must contain at least 4 sources, 4 quotes, and 4 entries on your Works Cited Page
  • Grammar- 20 points
  • Content- 20 points
  • Analysis/Critical Thinking- 20 points
  • Quotes from Primary and Secondary sources- 20 points
  • MLA Format- 20 points

Instructions: Choose one of the three major monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, and write a research paper that explores the historical origins of that religion using both primary and secondary sources. Focus on the historical context of your religion’s birth. Where was your religion born? What was the society like? What major events might have shaped the rise of your religion?

  • Your essay must quote from one primary source from your textbook, The Sources of the Making of the West


* Monotheism and Mosaic Law: The Book of Exodus, Chapters 19-20 (c. Tenth-Sixth Centuries B.C.E.) – pages 39-41


* The Making of a New Religion: Paul of Tarsus, Letter to the Galatians (First Century C.E.) – pages 134-136

* The Establishment of Roman Christian Doctrine: Arius, Letter to Alexander, Bishop of Alexandria (c. 320 C.E.) and The Nicene Creed (325 C.E.) – pages 141-142


* The Foundations of Islam: Qur’an, Suras 1, 53, 98 (c. 610-632) – pages 158-160

Your essay must be in MLA Format. If you are unfamiliar with MLA format please make an appointment at the Writing Center in CG 409. If you go to the Writing Center and see a tutor, get proof of your visit and attach it to your final essay for 20 extra credit points.

Grading Criteria:

100 points total


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