Historical hero Malcolm X

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Think about a historical character that you have regarded as a “hero.” What aspects about them are “herofied,” and what lessons are meant to be imparted to you resulting from that “herofication.” Do a little bit of outside research to investigate your selected “hero” of history and see if your original assessment of them remains heroic or not. Write roughly 250 words that answers the above questions.

: Think about the hero you selected in step 4 and the arguments made in this “herofication” section. With this content in mind, create a work of art that expresses your “image” or “vision” of historical heroes and the ideological function they have on contemporary society. Your atwork can be a cartoon, a drawing/painting, a collage, a poem, or any other art form. Your atwork should make explicit references to what you have learned about herofication. You will not be graded on the aesthetic value of the artwork, but on the quality of the intellectual and emotional connections you make. Make those connections in roughly 250 words.

Embed your artwork and 250 word connection (step 5) with your 250 word story (step 4) in a Microsoft Word document. Turn it in here:


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