Hinds Community College Animal Rights as An Ethical Issue Discussion

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Hinds Science Standard:Students learn how to discuss animal rights as an ethical issue and explore the reasons why it’s morally wrong or not exploiting animals for experiments, food, clothing, entertainment, or anything else

Dolphins are chased to shore, corralled in a cove, and then selected for marine parks and aquariums, or killed for their meat. In September of each year, the dolphin drive hunting season begins in Taiji, Japan. Over 2,000 small whales and dolphins may be captured or killed annually. A variety of dolphin species are taken in a brutal process that can last for days.

Hundreds of dolphins procured from the Taiji hunts are shipped to aquariums around the globe, primarily within Asia and the Middle East. China is the number one purchaser of wild-caught dolphins from Japan, but every captive facility ultimately feeds this deadly supply and demand chain.

Explore what the future may hold, and ask yourself …

  • Would you patronize any marine park or aquarium that holds whales and dolphins in captivity?
  • Do we suffer from human prejudice toward animals?
  • Next, end your reply with a question, so that others can have the option to reply to your thread.
  • Next, reply to (2) of your cohorts in this discussion.

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