Hillsborough Community College Microbial Diseases Discussion Paper

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Research and summarize 10 microbial diseases of animals (including human)

Document must have the course, your name, submission date and a title and review number.

Make sure you use a variety of microbes, not just one or two

Use the format below to prepare the document

Introduction: Make one introduction for the document then discuss each disease using the headings below.

Disease name  

Microbe/Pathogen (fungus, virus, bacteria, prion, protists, worms, fluke, etc.)

Transmission method:  Method by which the disease spreads to organisms- vectors, food, water, soil, etc. 

Symptoms and diagnosis: Symptoms (lethargy, pain, weakness, etc.), and methods used to diagnose the disease (fecal, MRI, blood, lumbar puncture, etc.)

Effects on the individual:  Discuss whether or not the disease is acute, chronic, or progressive, and the severity to include morbidity and mortality.  Include precautions to be taken if the diseases is contagious.

Treatment: Discuss the treatments used to control or eradicate, if any


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