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Responses should be at least 750 words each (not counting sources and references) and each should have at least 2 different sources properly cited in accordance with APA.

This essay question is broken into two distinct sections:

Q1. Part 1, highlight the top 3 mistakes (i.e., in your view) a negotiator can make. Pls include referenced real life examples/cases/incidents that highlight and or support your view

Part 2, if a man finds out his spouse is cheating on him, and then becomes extremely violent and in turn takes her as a hostage, is this considered a hostage or a non-hostage situation?

Pls explain why or why not.

Q2. Although the likelihood of occurrence is very low, describe in detail (in your own words) how the “Stockholm Syndrome” is best used to a negotiator’s advantage. As a negotiator, what can you do to help the syndrome develop? Discuss the behaviors a “survivor” and a “succumber” would employ in a hostage situation.

Q3. Herk has been in and out of jail numerous times for offenses like “drunk and disorderly” and possession of narcotics. He blames his record on his childhood, when his father physically abused him. Several times in his life he has felt like he was finally getting things together, but his relationships never lasted (even though he was madly in love with several women) and he has found himself jobless and feeling worthless again. Finally holding down a job again, Herk falls in love with Mira, a lady who works as a waitress at a nearby restaurant he frequents. After dating for several weeks, Herk is certain Mira is cheating on him when he sees her talking to a table full of men while she is at work. Herk confronts her and the men, and one of the men stands up to Herk’s tirade. Herk grabs a steak knife and stabs him, apparently killing him instantly. Grabbing another knife, Herk grabs Mira and holds a knife to her throat screaming, “If I can’t have her, no one can!” The first police officers that respond to the scene have cleared everyone out of the restaurant but Herk, his hostage Mira, and the stabbed male, and seem to have Herk calmed down a little. You are a negotiator called to the scene. What personality type is Herk? Why would it be important to determine this and Herk’s background (given to you in this case) before beginning negotiations? What are some arguments against using personality types in negotiations? Discuss in detail, given Herk’s personality type, the best way to proceed with the negotiations.

Q4. According to your text, suicidal people have many things in common. Discuss in detail (in your own words) these commonalities and how a negotiator, dealing with a suicidal individual can identify the risk, estimate the suicide potential, and attempt to manage a suicidal individual. Discuss in detail “suicide by cop” and how a negotiator may be able to spot indicators of such an individual.


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