Math project

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Help me with my math project? I do not need the answers, but i need guidance on how to go about solving these problems. 

1. Three of your friends, Anna, Blake, and Christine, run to you to settle a dispute. They were simplifying a radical expression into an exponential expression, but they reached different answers. Wisely, you decide to look at their work to see if you can spot the source of confusion.



(26 – 3)x






Explain to Anna, Blake, and Christine who is correct, and identify any errors that you find. Provide the correct manner to fix those problems, and identify the correct answer. Use complete sentences.

15. Create an exponential growth function, f(x), to model a population of frogs that is growing every year. Identify the principal amount, the growth rate, and the appropriate domain and range for your function. Explain how these key features would affect the graph of f(x).

16. Using your function f(x) from question 2, demonstrate and explain how to find the average rate of change between year 3 and 5, and between year 5 and 7. Explain what the average rate of change represents to the frog population.

17. The length of a rectangular picture frame has been found to be an irrational number. Dwayne says that, because the length is an irrational number, the perimeter and area would always be irrational. Using complete sentences, critique Dwayne’s statement with examples that demonstrate how he is correct or incorrect.

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