math probability hw quesiton

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You will need to purchase a small bag of M and M 1.69 oz or the closest   – stay with the plain chocolate. You will need to collect and report on taking three   samples with replacement  and later without. Record how many are brown out of the whole and then figure out the probability of selecting three brown in a row with and without replacement .  Return the candies to the bag and shake it then take the next sample.Repeat this process three times.Don’t look while selecting. Then do the same process without replacement.After you do your posting the disposal commences. Note if you do not have at least three  brown pick another color that has three  or more.

If you can’t get to store or do not want to use candies make up a distribution with  colored  beads, beans or paper slips – say 25 slips with 5 different colors of each numbered 11111, 22222, etc  one of the series  is  designated as brown. Mix them well since papers stick together!

  A.Post the inventory of your colors in terms of the exact amount of each and as % brown or others if do not have three brown  (25 pts)


 DO the trials WITH REPLACEMENT  and record I what you picked  -Did you get three browns in a row  ?

Trial 1-

Trial 2 –    

 Trial 3 –       


 DO the trials WITHOUT  REPLACEMENT  and record  you results-Did you get three browns in a row  ?

Trial 1-

Trial 2 –    

 Trial 3-        

Where  do you have a better chance- With or without replacement and why ???

C.Wait until  Monday evening  and select 4 other entries and calculate the % of brown  from the combined four  inventories . Does M and M meet the specifications of 13 % brown.Is their quality control up to standards- ????    Does the Law of Large numbers Hold ???when you combine more results  from others  ( 25 pts) 

ALTERNATIVE -If you really have a sweet tooth you can buy a 16 oz bag and do an inventory of the bag ( % brown,% red etc ) and also do the three tries in a row selection of brown with/without  replacement. You don’t have to look at other  results. You can if you wish compare your results to 16 ozs comprised of four( four oz )bag inventory) posted on the board. After posting a long disposal process commences.

 A.Report % brown ,% red  in 16 oz bag

B.Calculated probability of selecting three browns in row  with replacment versus actual results .( as noted above )

According to the company there are 13% brown M&M’s in each bag. 

 Does M and M live up to quality control standards ??????

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