matlab programming homework exercise

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1.  Matlab Programming task, create a program that does the tasks mentioned in the program template you will also need these images and subprogram.

This problem is basically a TSP problem so you will find lot of examples and help from the internet. In task 4 You do not need to create too sophisticated optimization heuristic, simple shortest route finder with Matrix operations is enough.

In task 5 the solution should be printed as two figures (open loop and closed loop) e.g. such as these example figures 7 and 10 (you may use other form if you feel some other presentation is better). NOTE the image orders in figures 7 and 10 are not necessarily the optimal ones, you do not need to find the same order.

In task 6 think what would be better image comparison method? You may implement it to the Differ subprogram, if you think you are able to do it.

In task 7 think how gray images and color images differ in computer presentation, you can also implement color version, if you can, then you also need to find suitable color figures to test your code.

2.  Simulink modelling task, you are given 1st  degree delta-sigma ADC Simulink model, your task is to create 2nd and 3rd degree delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter models with Simulink and complete documentation of how your model works.

Use 5v signal in input, select proper frequency and time step (you need oversampling, so change the simulation time stop, and chirp signal parameters), you will also need to test your converter stability, ie when your converter becomes unstable (usually if signal is close to the min and max limit values).

Use e.g.
FDAtool to create filter that reconstructs your original signal from your ADC PDM, you can use other filter creation tools if you prefer. See for help.


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