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Discussion Part 1

Read this blog posting from Symantec: The “Frenemy” Within – Insider Theft of Intellectual Property

Then, read this article from Network World: What litigation tells us about the dangers of IP theft

Write a 500 word or more briefing statement for Padgett-Beale managers introducing them to the problem of intellectual property theft and explaining what measures the company should take to respond to this growing problem.

Your briefing statement should focus on the theft of digital assets containing the company’s intellectual property (i.e. files, emails, etc.).

Then create a Blog Separately

Blog 6: Hotels and Guests Under Attack

Being aware of and sensitive to the emotions of guests and employees allows a manager to respond appropriately when a cyberattack occurs. As you write this blog, you will need to find a balance between addressing the emotional aspects of a cyberattack (need for a supportive and calming response — less information may be best) and the need to develop trust by providing information about a situation which can invoke fear and concern.

Begin by reading this definition of Emotional Intelligence and this discussion article about What Emotional Intelligence Is and Is Not.

Next, read one of these articles about a cyber attack that affected hotel operations and created fear and concern among guests and employees.

1. Hackers use ransomware to target hotel guests’ door locks

2. Hackers are using hotel Wi-Fi to spy on guests, steal data

3. 20 hotels suffer hack costing tens of thousands their credit card information

Using what you’ve learned about emotional intelligence, write a blog posting that Padgett-Beale could use to inform and calm its guests and employees should a similar cyberattack affect one of the company’s hotel properties.

Attached is the history of Padgett Beale Corp. for discussion

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