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Question 1

Explain the difference between “negative freedom” and “positive freedom,” giving an example of each. (Note that you will need to go back to Chapter 7 for part of this answer.)

Hint: If no one physically stops you from enrolling in my class, you have the negative freedom to take it. If you are recieving financial aid to attend college, and you could not otherwise afford it, you are being offered the positive freedom to take this class by the taxpayers of Florida and/or the Federal government.

Question 3

Social contract theories date back to Plato, but the three most important ones are those of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Choose one of those three philosophers, and then answer the following questions:

What is a “social contract,” according to the philosopher you have chosen?

How does this philosopher’s theory explain and justify the authority a government claims to have over its citizens? Are there any limits to this authority? If so, what?

Why, according to this philosopher’s social contract theory, must I obey the laws of my society? Supposing I find one of these laws unjust, must I still obey it?


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