marketing strategy and covid 19 1

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There is a lot going on in the marketing world due to COVID19. Some of it is because businesses are inspired to make a difference. Some of it is because it’s needed or an opportunity has been identified to generate revenue and not shut down. This applies to a myriad of industries, companies, and non-profits.

Your assignment is to identify one or more real companies that you have seen or read about implementing marketing strategies and tactics due to this situation.

Submit a brief memo which answers the following questions:

  1. Name of company/industry
  2. What strategy have they identified to drive their business in the current environment? Target? Tactics?
  3. Describe how you believe this business is succeeding (or not) with this plan.
  4. How is this different and/or similar to their typical strategy & tactics?
  5. What topics that we have covered in this course connect to the situation you are reviewing?
  6. How do you think this may or may not change or affect marketing in the future?

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