blog entry the virtue of strategy

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Challenges are there to be overcome. In the Week 8 Blog Entry, you identified leadership challenges that your selected organization faces. In this Blog Entry, you will focus on devising a strategy to meet these challenges and overcome them in order to achieve your group’s organizational goals.

For this Blog Entry, review the case studies in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) document, Supporting Transformational Change: Case Studies of Sustained and Successful Development Cooperation, from this week’s resources. Look back to your Blog Entry from Week 8. Think about what lessons can be learned from the organizations and programs discussed in the UNDP report. Also, consider what strategies were implemented by the successful programs discussed in the case studies. Finally consider whether these strategies can be adopted by your organization to address the challenges you discussed in your Week 8 Blog Entry.

Post by Day 3 a Blog Entry outlining a strategy to overcome the three challenges discussed in last week’s Blog Entry. You will write this Blog Entry as though you are an organizational leader from another organization who is responding to last week’s Blog Entry. Your target audience for this Blog Entry is the leader of your chosen organization (the role you played last week). Your Blog Entry should clearly outline three concrete steps that your organization can undertake to address the challenges you outlined in the Week 8 Blog Entry.

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