philosophy essay argument please be clear and understand whats needed

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Final paper:

USE ONLY: beginner level books! Written by a philosopher from the 19800s to present! No opinion at all! No journal articles or anything!! Four sources at least!

Introduction to philosophy

topic(moral relativism)

Write 5-6 pages in 3 parts

1st part: all arguments that are for moral relativism and that are with it

2nd part: what are the problems with the arguments in the 1st part (against moral relativism) why won’t the arguments work? fight the arguments and support it with the sites you find, for example: here is what the sites says about this argument mentioned in the 1st part and how it’s wrong, and here is what this sites says.. and so on.

3rd part: The replies and objections (moral voice again) with moral relativism again.

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