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Exam 2 will contain three essays. The essays will be chosen from the five topics listed below. When answering the essays on the exam, do so in your own words. Do not directly copy your answer from the lecture notes or textbook because this is plagiarizing and you will not earn points for a plagiarized answer. However, if an occasional phrase is used please place it in quotation marks to indicate it is not your words. Each much contain 225 words or more

CH 7: Government Policy and International Trade

1. What is the infant industry argument? What are the criticisms of this argument?

CH 8: Foreign Direct Investment

2. Despite its advantages, FDI has been described as an “expensive” and “risky” international growth strategy. Other things being equal, why is FDI expensive and risky when compared to licensing and exporting?

CH 9: Regional Economic Integration

3. Describe two impediments to regional economic integration?

CH 13: Entering Developed and Emerging Markets

4. Describe the factors that should be considered for a firm choosing between a greenfield venture and an acquisition.

CH 16: Global Marketing and Business Analytics

5. Explain the factors that indicate when a company should promote a push strategy and when a company should promote a pull strategy


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