financial analysis and management assignment

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In a firm’s cash flow statement, net cash flow over a time period is expressed as:Net cash flow = Change in Cash and is the sum of three components:
(i) Cash Flow from operating activities
(ii) Cash Flow from investing activities

(iii) Cash Flow from financing activities

The current corona virus situation has adversely impacted US companies – both public and private. Explain this impact in terms of its effects on each component of a firm’s cash flow statement. Usean example of (i) a privately-owned restaurant; (ii) a large publicly-traded retailer; and (iii) a publicly-traded manufacturing firm, to describe, 1. the effects on each component (through the drivers of each component) of the cash flow statement of each firm, and 2. The effect on eachfirm’s cash position in the short term.

How can each type of firm cope with this impact in the short term?
Your type-written answer should not exceed two pages

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