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Repsond to the following post using 250-300 words APA format using at least one in text citation….

Using the criteria in the prospectus template, I would give myself 1.5 to 2.00. Right after my second residency, I had some personal issues; however, I know that persistence is the key to success. I have kept that since the day I started this program. There are some barriers that would prevent me from reaching the goal. For instance, at times I feel like I am turning around on my decision, but persistence will keep me moving forward. I had to change my topic at residency. Even though the new topic is still on Christian ministry, I had already had much work done in the first one concerning articles and theories. After the reinforcement and some pointers by the instructors, I have learned to keep moving forward. Bast (2016) has explained the importance to prioritize by spending time on the right things, and not just waste time on things that are meaningless. Nevertheless, we all should understand and accept the fact that the prospectus is a necessary step that a doctoral student goes through to write his or her dissertation. When the prospectus is clear and well prepared, not only does the dissertation seem less abstract and overwhelming, but the discussion of what comes next in the process was helpful (Rademaker, Duffy, Wetzler, & Zaikina-Montgomery, 2016).


Bast, F. (2016). Crux of time management for students. Resonance: Journal of Science Education, 21(1), 71-88. doi:10.1007/s12045-016-0296-6

Rademaker, L. L., Duffy, J. O., Wetzler, E., & Zaikina-Montgomery, H. (2016). Chair perceptions of trust between mentor and mentee in online doctoral dissertation mentoring. Online Learning, 20(1), 57-69.

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