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So far we’ve discussed four types of actors in the international system: states, IGOs, NGOs, and MNCs. There is a another type of actor to add, one that does not fit the definition of any of these types — one that is harder to define and classify. This week we’re examining non-state actors and networks.

In the era of globalization, enhanced communication and communications technologies has allowed for the growth of “networks” of organizations. You have two options for this forum so you can focus on the area more interesting to you. For either option, be sure to read and reference the articles and the lesson for how we’re defining “network.” We’re using the term to refer groups of people. Please also mention specific examples.

Pick one of these to address the topic of networks:

(1) Not all networks are the same. What are the pros and cons of these new actors on the international stage? Refer to both civil and uncivil networks and use specific examples. Support your responses with references to the course material.

(2) Some networks are civil and not aiming to harm anyone. They might even remind us of NGOs. But how are networks different from NGOs? Why do we have two separate categories? Refer to all the readings and supply specific examples to show your comparison.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 350 words

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