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Topic: Social Movements of Latin America

In a short paragraph of 9-11 sentences, respond to the questions for this forum.

For this discussion forum, review the article that Julia Esquivel wrote on Indigenous Nations in Guatemala Democracy and the State, as well as PDF document on interpretation and communication, particularly the

Forum question:

Although Malinnalli Tenepal (Malintizin or Malinche) was a slave who by force became the principal interpreter of Hernán Cortés, she is believed to have betrayed the Aztecs because she interpreted for Cortés. She is hated in México and many believe that she betrayed the nation. So, those who are believed to have betrayed the nation-state of Mexico are called “malinchistas”. Esquivel writes a more accurate account of her complex story and experience with the Spanish invaders and conquerors. What is your opinion of her story and experience? What do you think she should have done? Was she really a traitor? Or was she a survivor?

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