Heat of the Day Elizabeth Bowen

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FROM Heat of the Day Elizabeth Bowen

Choose one of these characters: Louie, Harrison, Stella, Roderick, or Robert.

2. Find two specific examples relating to your character that illuminate something interesting or significant about the novel. One of the examples should be a trait or quality of theirs (an example from our in-class discussion would be Louie’s naïve or childlike nature) and the other should be a circumstance or choice (for ex,. that Louie is married to a soldier who is posted to a vaguely-known location). In your post, Identify your examples specifically: quote them, give a page reference. (note: if you choose Louie, you must find examples not from chapter 1, which we discussed in class, but from later in the novel.)

3. Discuss your chosen examples, showing how they reflect Bowen’s modernist exploration of the human psyche and what they show us about war-time experience.

Your discussion should be 2 paragraphs in length


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