Healthcare Program Management SLP 4

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Health Care Operations and Quality

From the library access the following text: Healthcare Operations Management
(Authors: Daniel B. McLaughlin & Julie M Hays). Review Chapter 1:
The Challenge and the Opportunity (Introduction to Healthcare

Then, review common hospital operations problems at

Select two of the problems identified in the above article and
develop a 2- to 3-page paper assessing the reasons for the problems and
possible solutions (recommended solutions should include a brief plan of
action). In your paper, identity which of the ten action steps
recommended by Institute of Medicine (IOM) to close the quality chasm is
applicable to each selected problem. The ten action steps can be found
on pages 6 and 7 of the text or at the following link:

SLP Assignment Expectations

  1. Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to
    support your identification of problems and recommended solutions
  2. Limit your response to a maximum of 3 pages.
  3. Support your SLP with peer-reviewed articles, with at least 2
    references. Use the following source for additional information on how
    to recognize peer-reviewed journals:
  4. You may use the following source to assist in your formatting your assignment:

    Required Reading

    AHRQ. (2002). Improving health care quality. Retrieved from
    Fields, R. (2011). 5 common hospital problems – and suggestions for how to fix them. Retrieved from
    IOM. (2001). Crossing the quality chasm: A new health system for the 21st century. Retrieved from
    Jones, E., Hartley, C., & Roberts, W. (n.d.). The definition of health care operations. Retrieved from
    Joshi, M., Ransom, E. R., Nash, D. B., & Ransom, S. B. (2014). The healthcare quality book: Vision, strategy, and tools. Chicago, Illinois: Health Administration Press.
    McLaughlin, D. B., & Hays, J. M. (2008). Chapter 1: The challenge and the opportunity. Healthcare operations management. Chicago: Health Administration Press.

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