HCCC Viruses Dont Follow the DNA Replication Process Like Cells Discussion

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1-It may seem like a virus is a living thing because it causes to even take peoples lives and make you feel very sick. In reality their e not a living thing because virus don’t grow and viruses also are not able to make their own energy. Although they are able to recreate and change to their environment. This makes them not a living thing and also because a virus is not a made out of cells and they can’t keep in a settle place. We know that viruses have protein coat that helps protect their genetic which is either DNA or RNA. If a virus would’ve been a living cell it would’ve a cell to reproduce to make a copy their DNA and virus don’t have thee ability to make that. Although virus are able to make more viruses by inserting virus genetic material into host cell which causes to bring more viruses.



2-I think viruses are not considered living things. They are not able to stand alone nor replicate without a living host. Although viruses are transmittable through things like saliva, or even airborne, the one thing they have to transmit through viruses is a host. It may seem like the virus is alive due to it causing harmful results however, it would be unable to cause this damage without being attached to a cell or a host. Viruses do not have the ability to metabolize. They also do not need a number of other commonly accepted criteria. They are not equipped with cells. They are unable to reproduce on their own. Viruses are inert packages of DNA or RNA that are unable to multiply unless they are acquired by a host cell.

Scudellari, M. (2021, November 1). Are viruses alive, not alive or something in between? and why does it matter? Science News. Retrieved January 23, 2022, from https://www.sciencenews.org/article/viruses-alive-coronavirus-definition

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