Guidance strategies

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Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 9 of the course text and Planning for Positive Guidance: Powerful Interactions Make a Difference (Links to an external site.).

Over the course of time, many guidance strategies have emerged in an effort to help us guide children’s behaviors. Choose one of the following guidance strategies to elaborate on: developmental discipline, teacher effectiveness training, collaborative problem solving, positive reinforcement, natural and logical consequences, time-out, or time-away. You may utilize the following recommended resources to help you better understand the guidance strategies; however, please continue to search for additional insight regarding these strategies.

· Developmental Discipline: Guiding Principles (Links to an external site.)

· Teacher Effectiveness Training (T.E.T. Philosophy) (Links to an external site.)

· The Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS) Approach (Links to an external site.)

· Positive Reinforcement: Changing the Behavior of Children for the Better (Links to an external site.)

· Natural and Logical Consequences (Links to an external site.)

· Time-Out or Time-Away? Consequences for Children

For your discussion response, answer the following questions:

· What did you learn about your chosen strategy and what information surprised you?

· How will you use this information in the future?

· Will your chosen guidance strategy work for the child you chose in Week 2? Why or why not?

· If your chosen strategy will not work for your student, which of the other listed strategies would work for your student and why?

· Create a challenging behavior scenario for your chosen student (Jose or Olivia) for your peers to solve (e.g., a problem on the playground, walking to lunch, center time or circle time, etc.). Please be sure to review the Guided Response so you offer your peers the necessary information to complete the response.

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