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For this assignment, each team must locate recent articles on the Internet discussing the issue of globalization. During your research, your team should seek answers to the following questions:

  • What exactly is globalization? 
  • What has been the impact of the global financial crisis on globalization? 
  • Is globalization now retreating or advancing?

To complete this assignment:

Step 1: In the Groups area, collaborate with your team to prepare a 1-2 page summary statement of your team’s research findings (including at least 5-6 quality references). Save the document using the following naming convention:
2.6_Globalization_yourteamname. Be sure to include the names of all members of your team at the top of the document.

Step 2:
 Assign one member of your team to submit a copy of your team’s summary using the assignment link provided in Activity 2.6. Your instructor will apply scores for individual team members based on quality of the 1-2 page summary statement, and the team evaluations submitted in Activity 2.7. The summary must be posted to the Grade Center before the end of this module.

Step 3:
 Assign one member of your team to post the summary statement to the M3-Globalization Forum on the Discussion Board. Add a new thread in the forum, include your team name in the subject line, and attach the summary statement to the discussion thread. The summary statements will be reviewed by your classmates and discussed in Module 3. This summary must be posted to the Discussion Board by the end of this module.

Step 4: Complete and submit the Globalization Team Evaluation in Activity 2.7.

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