Great Teeth Essay

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SUBMIT THIS IS A .DOC or .PDF file absolutely NO APPLE .PAGES or GOOGLE DOCS!   Period.  The Canvas system is not set up to view .pages,  and this class is not set up for me to see your “Google Docs” and they don’t “stay with the class”  I have to have records of your submissions for 18 months.

(1) For this essay you will chose one of the adaptations on the list below, having done that you will complete part (2) of this essay.  You will use your textbook, our class content, and extraneous research to complete this essay.

A disease-associated balanced polymorphism maintained by heterozygous advantage, example  Sickle-Cell Anemia

Cultural adaptations (this is a little harder to do, but it focuses on clothing, shelters, tools, cooperative group dynamics)

Increased brain size and functions.

Body size and shape adaptation to climate conditions

Eye form and function

Skin color adaptation

  • Cold and Hot Weather adaptations (evolutionary adaptations, example tall/thin, short/compact body types)
  • High altitude adaptation
  • Endurance Running
  • Sweating
  • walking upright
  • hearing (we can hear a wider range of sounds, especially between 1.0 – 6.0 kHz – where most human speech occurs)
  • great teeth (function and form)
  • Anything else that is adaptive that you have had “pre-approval” from me to use as a topic 🙂
  • (2) Your essay should consist of three distinct parts:
  •    (a) Background description of the adaptation (what it is and how it works)
       (b) Description of the population (who they are, where they live, how they live and what activities they pursue.
  •    (c) Discuss their adaptation and how it relates to their environment and life-ways (culture).

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