Global Marketing

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Procter & Gamble is based in the USA and is one of the world’s largest consumer package goods companies selling products such as Tide laundry detergent, Pampers disposable diapers, and Head & Shoulders shampoo. When P&G entered the Japanese market in the 1970s, its corporate name and reputation were virtually unknown there. Several of its brands had been sold by an importer, and they had some consumer recognition. P&G did not, at that time, emphasize its corporate name on its products in the belief that each brand should stand on its own. The two biggest Japanese competitors (Kao and Lion), however, made extensive use of their corporate names, going so far as to identify each new product or improvement to an exiting product in their advertising and prominently on the package as coming from the parent company.

If you were managing P&Gs new Japanese subsidiary, would you stick with the P&G philosophy of letting the brands stand on their own, or work to associate them with P&G? Why? Regardless of your first answer, if you were asked to associate every P&G brand with the parent company, how would you make that identification an asset for your business?

Use a reference and respond to at least one (1) classmate’s post.

Some people believe that markets should be defined based on their cultures, and that marketers should develop marketing strategies to fit each unique culture where they do business. As we learned earlier in this course, this worked for KFC in China, but McDonald’s has succeeded around the world while adapting only slightly to local countries (e.g. lamb burgers in the Middle East, wine in France, and veggie burgers in India). Two downsides to Ms. Mooij’s approach are:

1. In a highly interconnected world, the existence of different images for the same brand name will become apparent to some consumers through the Internet and travel.

2. It is difficult for headquarters to provide guidance and exercise marketing control when its brands re being marketed in different ways to different cultures.

As a global marketing director, and based on what you have learned to date, would you seek uniformity in your marketing programs, or something in between? Why?

Justify using at least two (2) references. No need to interact.

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