Geography Reading Assignment

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  1. Fear of liability, and underdevelopment of parks leads to “crushing” demand for play areas in urban regions. What does Louv suggest is the remedy to this? And, what are “environmental sacrifice zones”? Can you think of any example of these sacrifice zones in the San Diego region – coast to desert?
  2. What quote did Louv use to identify where the “largest unmanaged ecosystem in America” is? How does Green Urbanism address and promote the greening of this ecosystem? (give specific examples)
  3. Yaay for San Diego! What does Louv describe as our local opportunity for natural areas in an urban environment?
  4. Louv builds the case throughout the book about the growing detachment between children (future leaders) and nature. But, he also builds hope that this can, and is in some cases, reversing. What examples/thoughts does he give about this hope for the future?

Please read the book and Answer the questions. Also, be sure to cite each idea that comes from Louv, and you only have to write the page number following the idea.

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