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The Signature Assignment for our course involves taking a virtual “field trip.” You will visit one of the websites listed
below. Treat the virtual field trip just as if you were taking a trip to the museum in person. Wander through
the website by clicking on the different tabs and reading the material, looking at photos, and even viewing videos if
they have them. Then, you should record your reaction to the field trip with a series of written responses to the
topics and questions listed below.
Focus on the ways in which you can develop critical perspectives that address the topics based on your own unique
experiences of the online exhibit, using various concepts and ideas that you have learned in this course related to
diversity and cultural pluralism.
Field Trip Locations
• The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Center for the Prevention of Genocide:
• National Museum of the American Indian
• National Museum of African American History and Culture
• The Smithsonian Latino Center:
1. Answer the questions completely in paragraph format, following APA style guidelines. Most submissions
that follow the guidelines and instructions below will be approximately 2,000 words in length.
2. You must include a reference list, appropriately citing the source of your information (the specific online
location of the site/exhibit/museum visited), as well as any additional sources you may choose to use. It is
not necessary to provide formal in‐text citations for this assignment; however, the reference page
citations MUST follow APA style guidelines (6th edition).…
3. Create a separate heading in your essay for each of the five required topics/questions below.
TOPIC 1: Overview
Give a general description of your field trip experience, providing examples from the site/exhibit/museum.

To successfully meet the requirements for this assignment, you must:
• Identify and explain the central issues raised by the site/exhibit/museum.
• Evaluate the evidence that the site/exhibit/museum offers for its point of view.
• Consider how the site/exhibit/museum uses cultural, political, and/or historical contexts to present its
issues and purposes.
• Construct thoughtful, specific, and detailed responses to the provided topics, integrating critical
perspectives about cultural pluralism drawn from your work in this course. One of the most important
keys to success is the inclusion of details and specific examples from your site/exhibit/museum.
You may choose to incorporate other reference materials in your responses. This might entail referencing an
informational or news‐related website or digital source, a monograph or periodical, or other academic, scholarly,
and research‐oriented materials. The use of supplemental resources is not a requirement of the assignment, but
may be an integral element for demonstrating your critical thinking skills related to the elements of the
assessment rubric. Study the rubric in order to understand how to receive the highest possible score

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