Gender Development and Statistics

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Part 1: Go on-line and research
the latest statistics on the top jobs for men in sociology major (or
another major if yours is not relevant). Do the same for women. Give a
list of those jobs and their average salaries. What is the gender
breakdown? Salary breakdown? Either provide the data or summarize it.You
must present the data
that you collected. You need to determine how best to do that depending
upon the item you chose. It must be clearly presented, and relevant to
your analysis below.

Part 2: Analysis:

Answer the following questions. You may respond with a single essay

response that covers each question, but make it clear that you are

responding to each question. APA format: double-spaced, one-inch

margins, 12-point font.

  1. What gender stereotypes were portrayed? Were you surprised by them? How did they fit or not fit with your stereotypes?
  2. How does your data contribute to attitudes about masculinity and femininity in our society?
  3. Why are these
    stereotypes important? What does it matter if males and females are
    represented differently? Will anyone be negatively affected by them? Use any sources of your preference

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