Game-Winning Move

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Our focus this week is on choosing a strategic direction that will set your organization apart from competitors in a way that enables you to stand out from everyone else. Jack refers to this as “changing the game.” The textbook, Dogfight, refers to it as “breaking away from the pack” (Chapter 11).…

  • Identify an organization (not mentioned in any of your readings or videos this week and not Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, or Uber) which has truly introduced a new game-changing Winning Move in the last five years that created sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Briefly summarize how the Move fundamentally shifted the playing field to the company’s advantage and was a successful way to beat the competition.
  • Explain which of the three positioning categories described by Dogfight (breakout, Blue Ocean, and disruptive technology) best describes the move, and why.

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