Fundamentals unit 9A

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Assignment Details

In this assignment, you will reflect on the work you have done overall in the course and address the following:

Note: Make sure you have access to the Unit 9 assignment grading rubric in the Course Resources and have reviewed it. Your paper will be graded in accordance with this grading rubric ensure you are meeting all requirements for this assignment.

To complete this Assignment, please use the Unit 9 Assignment Template.

  • Degree Plan
    • Identify your intended concentration area (behavior analysis, addictions, general psychology, or industrial/organizational) and briefly provide an overview of the field as you understand it.
    • Review the following degree plans, 2016 Graduate Psychology Degree Plans, You will have to reproduce your selected degree plan in your Assignment.
  • Licensure/Credentialing Plan
    • Provide an overview of your understanding of the licensure and/or credentialing required for your chosen profession.
    • Discuss what specific licensure and/or credentialing is required. If no licensure and/or credentialing is required for your chosen profession, provide information that substantiates this finding. Also, if no licensure and/or credentialing is required at the Master’s level, research and discuss what licensure and/or credentialing is required at the doctoral level.
    • Identify the governing body(ies) who oversees licensure and/or credentialing for your chosen profession. Provide a direct weblink to this governing bodies.
    • Discuss the specific steps and requirements that will lead to licensure and/or credentialing in your specific state. It is important to be very specific. Be sure to include education and degree, accreditation, exams, and internships, as well as state licensing and certification requirements
    • Discuss any areas required for licensure and/or credentialing that are not addressed through your specific Master’s or Psychology degree plan.
  • Career Plan
    • Discuss specific career goals. Where do you see yourself professionally in 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years?
    • What licensure and/or credentialing, or further education will you need to be able to meet your career goals?
    • After reviewing the Kaplan University Career Center resources, share an overview of your findings and how you will utilize these resources throughout your program.
    • Throughout the course, we have discussed other Kaplan University resources that will support you throughout your Master’s degree experience and beyond. Share what resources you will use. Discuss how you will utilize these resources.
    • Provide an overview of other resources (outside of Kaplan University) that you have explored to support you as work toward your career goals? Discuss how how you will utilize these resources throughout your program.

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