France as a country 5-6 pages

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Write a 5-6 page report ( not including bibliography) on France as a country. Include information on

 *basic cultural values/norms (Language both verbal and non verbal) (communications ex. hand gestures, colors, etc)  (what are their behaviors -are they open minded, gender roles,ethnicity, how they view age, minority roles,what’s their work motivation/hours worked weekly, vacation time, etc.) (relationships-view of managements, individualism or collectivism)

*main religion  (How it affects business)

* type of government

* legal system 

*current economic environment 

*Information regarding a multinational enterprise (MNE-any company with operations in more than one country. Find a company that has its headquarters in France and a portion of its operations in another country) doing business in France. 

 *****give each section in the paper a heading of the topic you are discussing. Follow the order of the rubic (BOLD HEADINGS) for the arrangement of the research.

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