FPC Legionnaires Disease Question

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Essay Prompt

In one page or less, write a notice for a local community that explains how an outbreak of “Legionnaires’ disease” could have occurred in Disneyland. Include how it is spread, other places that Legionnaires’ disease causes outbreaks, symptoms as well as what a person should do if they suspect they have contracted this disease.1


  • Understand the cause of Legionnaire’s Disease
  • Understand how an outbreak occurs
  • Know that Macrolides are an important class of antibiotics
  • Understand the basic principles of the ­Kirby-Bauer test

A few years ago, an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease has affected people that attended Disneyland in Anaheim.

Read the article:

“Disneyland shuts down 2 cooling towers after Legionnaires’ disease sickens park visitors

” by Tony Barboza that was published November 11, 2017 in The Los Angeles Times. The link is:


You can also go to this a site from the CDC on Legionnaires’ disease at



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