Formulate clinical decisions using health and information technology

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Your review should be no longer than 4-5 pages double spaced, font size 12 and must have
proper headings. Use appropriate referencing including in-text referencing. Your article
review must have reference page in APA Style1.Detailed
Summary .Includes introduction,
accurate identification of
article major idea,
Research method,
population, findings, and
Significant points in
support of the statements
of the article main idea,
and the significance of
these to the course. 2.Knowledge
and Lessons
Includes critical thinking
that clearly states at least
four important lessons
the student’s learned and
substantiated through
evaluation of the article’s
main idea, and supporting
points.3.Application Includes at least four
analyses that relate the
application of the article to
course content real-life
situations of maternity
client or newborn. 4.Writing
Writing is clear and
concise. Sentence structure
and grammar are excellent.
Correct use of punctuation.
No errors . 5.APA
Documents sources using
APA formatting
accurately and

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