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Continuation after Literature section:

Week 5 Assignment (A):

Write 5 pages of the Project section for continuation of research paper. This section will consist of at least five pages of dialogue on how you designed your project and how you plan to implement it. You are going to present this program to management or deliver it as a training or an educational program.

Week 5 Assignment (B):

Which is Powerpoint presentation (Appendix A),

You want to keep the slides simple, basic and “not busy”. The focus of the presentation needs to be on the presenter, not on how clever the slides are or a lot of redundant information. The guide here is no more than 5-6 bullets per page and no more than 5-6 words per bullet. The slides can have photos and logos on them but no “action effects” to detract from the presenter or the content of the presentation.

  • Cover slide: Title, who you are and the date of delivery
  • Mission Statement: What the organization stands for
  • Purpose: Why the audience is here listening to this presentation. It could take a format like this:
    • To: Review plans for a new manufacturing plant in Brazil
    • In A Way that: Informs management of the risks and benefits of building this plant
    • So that: An informed decision can be made by management on the implementation of this exciting new facility
  • Review of Present Conditions: These are all the reasons for building the facility: The best from a SWOT analysis. This will likely take several pages
  • Proposal: The Review of Present conditions will have led to this. This should be only one or two sentences.
  • Details: The details of the proposal
  • Timeline: How it will be done. A chronological listing of events and completion dates for the startup and operation: 3-5 years. (You may include a list of startup costs here along with a projected cash flow analysis if appropriate)
  • Issues: Here is a list of possible concerns and drawbacks like the competition, regulatory concerns, corruption, etc. Just to show you’ve thought of them and have answers.
  • Benefits: A re-listing of the financial and other benefits. The slide is placed here at the end of the presentation to “Leave the audience smiling”
  • Controls: A list of ways in which you will measure the progress and results of the program and when you will report back to management on the progress
  • Questions: Last slide. Q & A session

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