For each sentence A through F instructions 1 though 4 refrence: 1. Summarize the argument in standard form, including inference tags 2.Draw an arrow diagram that represents the structure of the argum

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For each sentence A  through F instructions 1 though 4 refrence:1. Summarize the argument in standard form, including inference tags2.Draw an arrow diagram that represents the structure of the argument. 3.Classify the argument structure (or parts of the argument structure) as chain, independent, joint, or mixed. In the case of mixed argument structures, specify for each sub-argument whether it has a chain, independent, or joint structure.4.Say whether the argument is deductive or non-deductive.(a) “Vegas is east of LA, and LA is east of Hawaii. So Vegas is east of Hawaii.”(b) “Mounting evidence indicates that too much sun can lead to health problems. One of the most noticeable effects is premature aging of the skin. The sun also contributes to certain types of cataracts, and, what is most worrisome, it plays a role in skin cancer.”(c) “Dissecting creatures in the biology classroom teaches students that animal life is expendable and unimportant. Also a recent study showed that certain companies who supply these creatures are careless of the suffering and pain inflicted on them. Furthermore, there are good alternatives available now in computer simulations, which teach the lessons taught by dissection just as well. So for all these reasons we should no longer use dissection of animals to teach students in the biology classroom.”(d) “There are only three possibilities: at least one of our team members is a thief; our security systems failed; or the money was never deposited. I saw the money deposited with my own eyes. And our security system is flawless. So we must conclude that there’s a thief within our ranks.”(e) “If a piece of information is not ‘job relevant,’ then the employer is not entitled to know it. Consequently, if sexual practices, political beliefs, and religious beliefs are not part of the description of a job, then they are not legitimate information for an employer to ask for in the hiring process.”(f) “If the world’s climate is getting warmer, we should find that some of the ice at both the North and the South Pole is melting at an unusually high rate. If the ice is melting, we should see its effect in the raising of the level of the sea. There is evidence that this level is increasing, so the world’s climate must be getting warmer.”For each following passages below on argument 1 and 2 ,  containing an argument, provide three (3) different standard form summaries, according to the following instructions as summarize the argument in standard form in a way that maximizes the principle of literal fidelity. summarize the argument in standard form in a way that maximizes the principle of intentional fidelity. summarize the argument in standard form in a way that maximizes the principle of charity.[Note: By the time you finish Part I, you will have written six (6) standard form summaries total.]Argument #1: “There has to be a God. The universe couldn’t have come into existence out of nowhere.”Argument #2: “As long as I’m alive to stop it, nuclear waste will never be stored in this county. Nuclear waste is a profoundly toxic substance, and scientists and politicians have still not discovered a safe way to dispose of it. The city council’s proposal is horrifying and surely could only have been formulated in the council’s own private meetings, rather than in any public forum, where it would instantly be shot down by negative public opinion.”

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