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Team Cases: Teams are required to prepare a written analysis, with a recommendation on what should have happened, or what should happen in response to case questions 1-4.

  • Students are required to draw from external sources, providing at least three external sources. Use the APA Publications Manual (6th ed. or most current) as well as Purdue OWL so that you correctly cite outside sources within the body of the case, and in the reference section.
  • Teams are to develop a 5 page paper for Canvas submission to include: cover page, body of paper, and reference page for the submission. Contributing team members to be listed on cover page.
  • Some class time will be devoted to working with your team. However, please note that class time given will not be sufficient for you to complete the assignment. Therefore, do not rely solely on class time to work on the case.
  • Refer to the “Teams” document in Canvas for member listings.
  • Refer to the end of chapter cases (Steiner & Steiner, 13th edition).
  • Each Team has been assigned a case per the end of chapter listing provided.
  • Teams 16 -19 will have duplicate cases due to the limited amount available.
  • Team is required to respond to questions 1, 2, 3, & 4 within their case analysis.
  • Each Team is required to work independently from the other teams and submit their own work with certification (see team certification statement located at the end of this document).
  • Team #16 (Chapter 5: Jack Welch at General Electric)
  • Team #17 (Chapter 6: Marc Kasky versus Nike)
  • need u finish both chapter 5 and 6 question(1-4)
  • you can get question and context from the ebook

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