FLC Cell Biology Worksheet

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A) Protein PP is the receptor for the most abundant peroxisomal sorting signal. It is known that residue Asn489 of the protein PP is necessary for the binding of this peroxisomal sorting signal.

Design an experiment that could demonstrate this. Remember to state:

(1) The prediction you are trying to demonstrate

(2) Your independent variable and how you are manipulating it (state what is your control and your perturbation) and

(3) Your dependent variable (state clearly which technique you are using to measure it and what you are observing and comparing to reach a conclusion)

(Max 10-12 sentences)

B) The mutation of the residue Asn 489 to Lys in PP has been found in patients with adrenoleukodystrophy, a type of hereditary disease that damages the myelin that protects the nerve cells. These patients cannot break down very long-chain fatty acids causing them to build up in the brain, nervous system and adrenal gland. How can this single mutation have such an extreme phenotype if it does not affect any of the multiple genes encoding for the enzymes involved in this metabolic pathway

Max 4 sentences


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