Final Analysis of an Art Object

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1. Find work of art (painting, drawing, print, sculpture, architecture, performance) that appeals to you (but not one you have already written about for an assignment in this course–find something new!).

2. Describe the work of art using the Formal Elements and Principles of Composition (refer to chapter 2, pp. 24-45) and the Module 2 terminology lists. Focus on at least three of the formal elements.

3. Explain the iconography of the artwork and its importance. Cite any sources you consult using MLA formatting. See Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for proper formatting.

4. Discuss where it fits in regarding the themes in the textbook- Survival and Beyond, Religion, the State, Self and Society (ie. those identified in Chapters 5-12).

5. Explain why you picked this particular work of art in detail. Note, “I like it…” doesn’t tell me anything and will not earn credit for this portion of the assignment. Be specific in describing why this particular work of art has personal meaning for you.

6. Attached/include the image at the end of your paper. Provide the artist name, title of work, medium, date, and location of the artwork underneath the image.

You must submit this assignment as a Word file (doc, docx).

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