Film writing analysis essay

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Need to write at least 750 words, and need to use at least one citation from the attached file, no outside resources needed!!!!!!

Please read the writing instruction in the attached file. Here is one short summary:

Your first reading analysis needs to be 2-3 double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins in 12-point Times New Roman font. Please include a title, your name, and page numbers. Since it is only a 1500-1700-words analysis, long quotes should not be used more than once. Although a short paragraph of summary might be necessary to your assignment introduction, the priority of this assignment should be your critical response to the prompt, the film and the reading. This means that I evaluate this assignment on the basis of how well you engage with the text (both films and readings); how you critically analyze textual evidence in relation to the prompt question you choose, and how you coherently refer to the argument or evidence in the texts to evoke your point of discussion.

*Your assignment can be based ONLY on these following film texts: (1) Ju Dou, (2) Farewell My Concubine, (3) Mother India, (4) Pather Panchali, (5) Tokyo Story

The following paragraph is meant to prompt your formulation of an analysis. Please keep in mind that I expect your papers to be rigorously structured around a clearly defined argument with a careful use of textual evidence.

Here is one example: In Lucia Nagib’s article, “Towards a Positive Definition of World Cinema,” she writes, “In my view, the belief in a centre is as mythic as the quest for origins…cinema has existed for over ten thousand years in the minds of human beings in the form of associative currents, daydreams, sensual experiences and stream of consciousness. The technical discovery only made it reproducible” (30). One can say that this statement is a form of protest to Hollywood aesthetic norms and dominance and the way in which studies of Hollywood films usually depict and make claim over the rest of the world. The statement also opens up a possibility for us to look more closely at films made from different geographical, cultural and political sites than Hollywood as having their own says and values. How does a film that we have watched so far support or illustrate Nagib’s argument? In other words, how does a film of your choice deliberately make an aesthetic or political claim on its own terms and in its own given historical moment? How does it visualize or represent the claim—through “daydreams, sensual experiences, stream of consciousness,” in Nagib’s words, or through other possible forms i.e. theatrical performances, folkloristic communal traditions?Consider both the narrative and the cinematography of the film that you select. Pick at least two scenes to analyze, and close-read how they support your argument; how they decenter the Hollywood norms, or how they give rise to new potential aesthetic insights and political discussions of the given moment.

*Please put words count on the last page of your assignment. See the criteria for this assignment on Canvas.

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