Film Reflection for movie patch adams

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Skills: This assignment will help students a) think about philosophical concepts in the applied
setting and b) cultivate their writing and critical thinking skills.

Knowledge: The skills necessary to bridge theory and practice, organize ideas, and write with
concision are transferrable to other settings within and without academia.

Task: Upon watching the major motion picture “Patch Adams,” discuss any examples of dualism and/or materialism exhibited by the “establishment” professionals. Then, discuss how the film’s protagonist, Patch Adams, offers a corrective to these approaches. Hint: the charts on dualism (p.135) and materialism (p. 145) may be helpful for thinking about these questions. The essay should be written as coherent narrative, with a clear opening and closing. Students should draw upon and explicitly reference examples from the film and the text in developing their ideas. Please cite any materials you use in the text itself (i.e., in a parenthetical citation) and a reference list at the end of the reflection.

Sources: The reflection should draw upon R. Scott Kretchmar et al.’s History and Philosophy of
Sport and Physical Activity. Additional research is welcome, but not required.
Citations: Citations should follow the APA (6th Edition) format and should be included both a)
in-text and b) in a reference list/bibliography. As a general rule, whenever you quote, paraphrase,
summarize, or utilize information from a source, you need to cite it in-text. Please review the
online tutorial on finding and citing sources for more information in this regard.
Format: Roughly (but no fewer than) two pages; .doc, .docx, or .pdf; Times New Roman; 12-pt.
font; double-spaced; one-inch margins.

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